The DHL Express rates are not visible in the checkout, or the "not available" message is displayed.

Solution checklist

  1. Make sure the module and the SDK are up to date. Note that they have different versions.
    Check the file composer.lock in Magento's base directory and compare with:
  2. Use Composer to update the module and the SDK.
  3. Is the DHL Express module enabled in Magento in the section "General settings"?
  4. Are the sender and receiver addresses valid? Don't use test-data. Use fully valid addresses that really exist.
  5. Does the product in the shopping cart have a weight? This is required.
  6. Check the API credentials. The DHL Express support can verify if incoming API requests are ok.
  7. Is the shipping origin fully configured in Magento in "Configuration -> Sales -> Shipping settings -> Origin"?
  8. Is the receiver address in an excluded country? Configuration: "Applicable Countries / Allow for Specific countries".
  9. Are DHL Express products enabled in "Allowed International / Domestic Products"? Not all products may be available for a given destination.

Further troubleshooting

Have a look at the official documentation.

Set the log-level to "Debug", go through the checkout again, then look into the log. It may indicate what the problem is.