The DHL Express rates are not visible in the checkout, or the "unavailability message" is shown.

Basic checks

  • Are the module and the SDK installed and up to date? Both have different latest versions. Check the file composer.lock in Magento's base directory and compare with:
  • Is the DHL Express module enabled in Magento? Check the section "General settings".
  • Are the sender and receiver address valid? Test data may not work. Use real, existing addresses.
  • Does the product in the shopping cart have a weight? This is required.
  • Are the API credentials correct? The DHL Express support can verify if API requests are ok.


Hint: all settings are also explained in the documentation.

  • Is the shipping origin fully configured in Magento? Check "Configuration -> Sales -> Shipping settings -> Origin".
  • Is the receiver address in an excluded country? Compare with settings in "Applicable Countries / Allow for Specific countries".
  • Are DHL Express products enabled under "Allowed International / Domestic Products". Not all products may be available for a given destination.

Further troubleshooting

Set the log-level to "Debug", go through the checkout again, then look into the log. It may indicate what the problem is.